lakisha jonesIdols come and idols go but there are many that attempt to make their star shine after appearing on this national talent show for vocalists. Over the years, there have been many American Idol contestants that I’ve rallied behind and as well as some that I was less enthusiastic about. Ironically, on this day, the day of this season’s finale, two American Idol alums are set to release work that reflects who they are as an artist, as opposed to singing songs from a certain time period thus limiting their song choices. While I’m not knocking the formula that American Idol has stuck with for the last eight season, I fail to see how picking songs from composers that these contestants know nothing of, puts them in the optimum position to display their talents…….That’s another article at a different time.

On this day May 19th, season two winner, Ruben Studdard and season six contestant, Lakisha Jones both release albums. For Ruben aka the Velvet Teddybear, this is his fourth and for Lakisha this is her first if you don’t count the EP album that was released in 2006. After listening to both albums, I must say that I am impressed, especially with Lakisha’s album. This Flint, MI native has won a fan in me and doing this after appearing on the show isn’t an easy task. Her album “So Glad I’m Me” gives fans a sense of who she is as an artist as she combines her R & B, Soul and Gospel roots to create what I consider a grown yet real and relatable album. Standouts for me are ‘So Glad I’m Me’, ‘Grateful’, ‘Beautiful Girl’ and the gospel inspired ‘Just As I Am’. As an added bonus she pays tribute to Whitney Houston by remaking, ‘You Give Good Love’. If you’re a fan of true R & B, I’m pretty sure Lakisha Jones will make a fan out of you.