q112Q Parker, formerly of the platinum-selling group 112, is setting the standard in the R&B world as he takes on the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. As Q is on the verge of releasing his first solo album in late summer, he is headlining a red-carpet gala to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter. One Memory Away is May 22, 2009 at Atlanta’s Mason Murer art gallery. As baby boomers age, 1 in 8 will develop Alzheimer’s disease and the risk is especially high in the African-American community. Q Parker’s inner circle has been affected by Alzheimer’s and he is speaking out.

As the face of Alzheimer’s disease gets younger, more people in their 20s and 30s will be taking on the role of caregiver. Q Parker is in this group and is becoming an outspoken Champion for the 200,000 families in Georgia dealing with the disease. Q has teamed with Drift City Media, the Mattie Call Foundation and Do More to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. One Memory Away will juxtapose music and art in a way that is sure to please the senses.