Martha-Wade-may09Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago gave Martha Antoinette Wade the perfect inspiration to explore her creative side. Raised in an interracial household (her mother is white and father is black) Martha believed early on that she could do anything and it is that belief that she draws from in her every day life. Staying true to the examples set by her parents, (her mother is an entrepreneur and finance wiz and her father is a notable painter and professor) Martha considers herself a mixture of the two, “with my mind for numbers and passion to paint.

Her quest for Art never wavered nor simmered and despite having a degree in Business (BBA) degree from the University of Michigan in 2000 things were about to make a drastic change. After 6 years of working as a consultant for various Consulting Groups, she was craving a creative change. Drawing since the young age of 2, Martha never abandoned her love for drawing and painting. One night it became official… she would learn graphic and web design and to top it off back to school she went. Getting to know Martha Wade and her company Custom Canvas Art was such a joy. Her story is a true testament that if you follow your heart and your true passions, you can’t lose.

Q. What is Custom Canvas Art?

A. Custom Canvas Art provides art collectors and clients with a beautifully stretched water-resistant canvas that is durable and affordable. The 2 member artists, my dad and myself, create original art on canvas with oil and acrylic, produce canvas prints for sale, and digitally paint with tablet and graphic pen. Being versatile in multiple mediums gives us an edge in creativity and quality.?”Our mission is to be the premiere provider of customized art, that bring artist and audience together to create a unique aesthetic.” ??That means the Custom Canvas Art member artists work with our clients and art collectors to give them exactly what they want. We specialize in creating a unique look in a small business or home, when someone wants their artwork to really add to the look and feel of the room. I love working with other artists to create prints of their own work to admire and share. My goal is to give collectors the best quality art. ??Remember, if you imagine it, we can create it.

Q. What type of Art do you do?

A. I started out drawing, then painting with acrylics, then oil, then digitally with a Wacom drawing tablet and Coral Painter/ Photoshop software. The tablet takes the art to another level, and I am able to draw something and then scan it in and paint/draw/add photos on the computer and print it myself on canvas!

Q. Which artists inspire you?

A. Wilfredo Lam because his style actually inspired Picasso. My dad because he is SO talented! I really admire Kehinde Wiley for his brave portrayal of African American men in a different way. There are many others … I meet them everyday on MySpace and Twitter and Facebook.

Q. What is your process for creating a piece of art?

A. If I’m doing a new painting on canvas, I like to draw out a couple sketches in my notebook and then wait a couple days. Then I grab some photos of my subjects for reference and start to work! When I paint digitally, I read artist blogs, talk to online friends, look at photos for inspiration, and work to make new digital art pieces that will bring all of that together.

Q. How can someone place an order with you?

A. Right now I am personally working on our website, and adding an online store. In the meantime, you can visit the website and email us about a painting or service you must have!

Q. What are you dreams for Custom Canvas Art?

A. My dream for C.C. Art is to become THE place for artists & art collectors to meet online. Our goal is that we have slow and steady growth, and be known in the industry for doing great work. We want to eventually add up to 10-20 more artists who will help provide commissioned work for our clients. Our targets will range from the teenager who wants a cool profile background, a family looking for a new painting for their home, photographers looking to print their work into canvas, and small businesses that want to purchase several paintings in a series to create an aesthetic in their store.

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