Artist Blog

fish3On Saturday May 16th, we went to do a show in Corvallis, Oregon at Oregon State University. It was a very long flight to Portland, Oregon . It took about 3 hours to get from Atlanta to Dallas and then 3 ½ hours from Dallas to Portland. When we landed in Portland, our partna picked us up so the ride from Portland to Corvallis was cool. As soon as we got to the hotel in Corvallis it was time to get ready for our performance. There was no time for sound check. The fraternity picked us up from the hotel and we arrived at the venue. The fraternity really showed us a lot of love. It was a great crowd that came out to see us perform so we were really excited to go out on stage. As we were going to the stage, we noticed that they didn’t have enough speakers to accommodate the outside crowd.  


As I hit the stage to perform ‘Small Town’, our opening song, I realized that my mic wasn’t working. This wasn’t so bad because this happens ……..your mic not working. As I continued performing, I realized that there was no sound man to fix my mic. Then Skinny came on stage after me to pass me his mic and his mic wasn’t working. At this point, I’m getting a little frustrated. I continued to rap even though the mics weren’t working but you lose half of your power when you don’t have a working mic. Although we were very frustrated, I told our DJ to go to the next song. So we started performing ‘Aw Naw‘……the mics still weren’t working. While we were trying to do ‘Aw Naw‘, Big V comes out with the third mic, and his mic wasn’t working. By now, we decide to stop the music and get the mics right, but we realize that there is no one there to get the mics right. We’re in front of 1000 people and we can’t do our music. At this point the crowd is starting to get upset and anxious. So I made a tough decision and decided to leave the stage. The crowd was really upset with us and that’s why I’m writing this right now.


I want them to know that we didn’t want to leave the stage and disappoint them. For the first time in our career we had to leave the stage due to mic problems which resulted in letting our fans down. After everything that went down, we couldn’t leave Corvallis without putting on a show. So we went to a local club that night and performed for a lot of the same people who were at the previous venue. That show was great and they really appreciated us doing this for them. A lot of people said that was the best show that they had ever seen. We take performing very seriously and it’s no way that we were going to travel 8 hours and not perform when we had so many fans looking forward to it. All and all we apologize to everyone who came to see us perform and were not able to see us, even though it was out of our control. We are in the process of planning another show for Oregon State.