There’s this saying in entertainment that many executives use to justify them taking a artist and modifying their image to appeal to the masses. “Sex Sells” has been used time and time again to explain why an artist may have originally been viewed as slightly sqeeky clean and now are being viewed as a sex symbol. But is “sex sells” being used in association with your name really a good thing? If we think back, most of the artists whose careers have been redirected in a sexual direction get the short end of the stick. If you are forced to become one of those “sex sells” artists, it is usually because something is lacking…….normally talent…..at least in the eyes of the masses. You can turn the blind eye if you want, but think of every artist that you can think of where “sex sells” is associated with their name and I’m pretty sure they are not the most talented person in the industry. Why do you think people went ballistic when Cassie cut half of her hair off. If her looks aren’t in order, she doesn’t have much to go on. Sad but true.

Normally “sex sells” is associated with many female artists, but this applies to the guys too. While not as obvious, there are many male artists who use this train of thought to catapult their careers into overdrive. Although history teaches us that they don’t reach the same superstar status as their female counterparts it can be helpful to a decent run as well. This however, leads me to believe that a sexy female artist can go much further than a male sex symbol.

The upside to being labeled as this type of artist can be extremely lucrative. Think Janet Jackson, Ciara and many others. Aside from being compared to each other for their vocal abilities and heavy dance influence, both of these artists are considered sex symbols. I don’t know a guy who didn’t have the infamous mid driff baring Janet Jackson poster in their bedroom growing up. As for Ciara, sex is what finally made the release of her most recent album, “Fantasy Ride” possible. Both of these women are superstars and Janet as a 40+ woman is enjoying a career that many artists sexy or otherwise could only dream of. See sex can be a good thing.

Should “Sex Sells” be viewed as a gift or a curse?