lil kim2A while ago a friend and I made a joke about people finding love on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.  We actually we’re going to do a parody of “Computer Love” but name it  ” Twitter Love”.  I even wrote two of our verses.  So you can’t begin to imagine the surprise, frustration and laughter that came over me when she told me about Lil’ Kim’s new single “Download”.  She stole our idea! Nontheless, hers is cool but why did she have to add that damn T-Pain.  I have nothing against him personally, but again I don’t like the autotune thingymajig.  This is the only time I’ll grant her a pass for using since she used the Roger & Zapp sample and she enlisted Mr. Charlie Wilson to sing the hook.  Did Lil’ Kim do the original justice? I’ll let you judge that one.