sunshine_6Life dealt you a blow, now what? The older I get, the more I realize that no one is exempt from situations that have the ability to turn your life inside out and upside down. These situations that are often viewed as “obstacles” have a weird way of making us reflect and question our pasts while remaining hopeful for our future. We’ve all experienced them at one point in our lives, whether it’s the big kids on the play ground refusing to let us short kids play on the jungle gym, or the older girls on the cheer team not giving you the respect you deserve because you’re a little rounder than the other cheerleaders. Let’s not forget the people who assume that you are not as accomplished as a writer than someone else who constantly boasts about their accomplishments, while you take the humble less traveled road. As you can see, I’ve been faced with various obstacles my entire life but instead of getting down and having a woe is me moment, I climbed on that jungle gym, became the captain of that cheer team and continue to write thus creating my own path. While I know what people may say or have said about me, I maintain my constant smile and instead of referring to them as haters, I affectionately refer to these naysayers as motivators. People who constantly doubt me are the motivators that push me in the direction of success. Thanks to those words of doubt and cynicism, I am well on my way to greatness. So the next time someone tries to put you down or question your ability to rise to the occasion, take their pessimistic words and use them for an optimistic outcome.