whitneyhoustonArista recently announced that Whitney Houston’s seventh studio album will be released on September 1st of this year.  I for one am so happy that she’s back! Whitney’s voice is incredible and while many question whether it will be up to par (compared to earlier recordings) I truly believe a voice as talented and remarkable as hers, could never alter so much that we consider it a bad thing. 

Despite all of the jokes about her addictions or what not, her story proves that we can all go through life, good and bad and come out on top.  What we fail to realize or often forget is that no one is perfect, nor are we exempt from life’s challenges and Whitney Houston is no exception.  Silver spoon or not…..shit happens to us all.  My hat goes off to Ms. Houston because this story could’ve ended in a completely different way and whatever the case may have been, I am so happy that Whitney is gracing us once again with one of the ‘Greatest Voices of My Time’.  In the meantime, listen to this single from Whitney featuring Akon and tell us what you think?