hammertimeAfter a very public spiral downward which resulted in an even more public bankruptcy, the man who put dance and rap music into the same sentence, is back.  Over the years Hammer (orginally MC Hammer) has had a pretty low profile life. Residing in Tracy, Calif. Hammer moved there over 12 years ago to get his life back on focus and the rest is history……so we thought. 

Now he’s ready to open up that private life for public view via a new A&E reality series called “Hammertime.” A 10-episode run premiered yesterday (Sunday), introducing viewers to not only the modern-day Hammer and wife, Stephanie, but their five kids, A’Keiba, 21, Sarah, 15, Stanley Jr., 13, Jeremiah, 11, and Samuel, 4, along with their nephew Jamaris, 18.

“This show reflects who I really am,” Hammer says. “You see the real father, the husband, the uncle, the businessman and then the entertainer — not some figment of someone’s imagination derived from a five-minute music video.”

I admit, I didn’t tune in but will make sure I set my reminder for this show.  I get the feeling that this show will show who he really is, instead of who he is trying to be for television and for that I am extremely apprecaiative.  Hammer is on twitter and out of all the celebrities that I follow (I follow alot), he has got to be one of the most interractive and delivers some food for thought instead of random gibberish.

Apparently, a group of dancers were excited about Hammer’s show, so much that they took over store mid day to show that his moves nor his pants were not out of style.