hip hop 1Hip Hop music means so many things to so many people. Some consider it a way of life. Others let music describe what hip hop means to them. For many Hip Hop is a combination of the two. Whatever you view as the meaning of hip hop is unique to you and no one can take your interpretation from you. We get so caught up in trying to tell others how they should live or how certain things should be viewed that we lose the point. As Anthony Hamilton soulfully puts it, “The point of it all is I love you”.

For whatever reason hip hop music has the love, appreciation and respect from many of us. Our feelings for hip hop are so deep that we make it our business to ostracize anyone that we feel are misrepresentations of this deeply rooted music genre/lifestyle. We’re protective like that of a mother to an unborn child and although we did not individually give birth, we’ve adopted hip hop and we care for it as if we carried it the full nine months.

This week Rhythmic Soul—-the radio show and the website honors hip hop music at it’s best and at it’s worst…..at least in the eyes of some. We take you on a lyrical timeline as we talk about little unknown facts, reminisce on our first encounters with hip hop and play songs that you may have forgotten.

As time passes and artists come and go, the style of music may change but there’s one thing we know for sure. From Afrika Bambata to Soulja Boy Tell’em, our love for hip hop is something worth yelling.