raheem_devaughn_the_art_of_Barack Obama becoming president has prompted many acts of kindness and individual responsibility.  The latest unselfish act comes from the self-proclaimed R & B Hippie Neo-Rockstar Raheem Devaughn.  In keeping with his belief that it is up to the entertainment industry to give back to their fans,  Raheem has released his own form of stimulus for his fans, an emotional stimulus.  His latest release the “Art Of Noise” mixtape is FREE!
No I did not stutter nor are your eyes deceiving you.  “The Art of Noise” is DeVaughn’s latest mix CD project, with more than 19 original, unreleased tracks through his recently launched record label venture, 368 MUSIC GROUP.  While Raheem works on new material to please our ears, he has so graciously given us his fans the gift that keeps on giving.  So head over to http://www.megaupload.com/?d=35UMDGM2 and get your copy.  You know I got mine already.