This years nominees for Best Female R & B artist is a reflection of who was hot this past year.  I have my opinion on who I think should win but we all know award shows never go the way we think they should.  The nominees are:

beyonceBeyonce- This woman is probably the most successful solo artist in the last ten years. She was single handedly made her mark on the entertainment world (thanks to DC) and we can expect to see her around for a long time.

keyshiacolenewpromopicKeyshia Cole- With three albums under her belt, being compared to MJB is definitely a gift. Revealing herself and family on BET just makes us love this powerhouse vocalist even more.

keri hilsonKeri Hilson- Bursting on the scene calling people out worked in her favor.  Her debut album ‘In A Perfect World’ is a very impressive debut that has everyone whose anyone featured on it.

jennifer hudsonJennifer Hudson- Bouncing back should be her middle name.  After the loss of close family members, she was able to add Grammy winner to her Oscar winning status.

jazmine sullivanJennifer Sullivan- My personal favorite, released one of the best albums from a new artist that we’ve heard in a long time.  Despite being snubbed at the Grammy’s, expect great things from this young singer.