michaeljackson-gal-beforeEveryone mourns differently, some express themselves externally and while others reflect internally.  Until now, I didn’t know how or what to say that properly expressed my feelings for the man that I consider my first introduction to popular music.  Our initial meeting happened when I was about 4 years old and it occurred to the tune
of ‘Rock WithYou’.  Until then, music was a complete blur but thanks to Mr. Jackson, music had a sound and meant something to me.  The music of Michael Jackson is just as important to the development of a child as Seasame Street is.  As I grew older I felt like Michael and his music grew with me.  There are very few artists that have the ability to touch you, regardless of which stage in your life you are in and Michael Jackson is in that elite class of artists that makes you feel what they’re saying and makes it hard not to connect. For so many people Michael was so many things to many of us but above all he provided the soundtracks to the lives of millions thus inspiring us for a lifetime.

For the last couple of days I’ve read countless blogs and articles dedicated to the life of Michael Jackson, a man that many consider the greatest entertainer of all time.  I’ve watched  as CNN continues to report reckless news regarding a man that has left us far too soon.  I’ve read message boards of people wondering what all the hype is considering all of the allegations that he was faced with over the years.  As far as I am concerned the only thing that this negative
press has done is make me love him even more.  It solidifies the fact that although MJ was and will always be a superstar, above all he was a human being…..one with a great amount talent that had a way of uniting nations and filling people with hope through song and his own unselfish behavior.  I pray that people use his life as an example and stop judging him and give him the same chances that I know he would’ve given so many.  Try if you will but you can never take away from his greatness.