michael jackson youngWith the passing of THE BIGGEST superstar of the last 50 years, BET had alot of pressure on them to host not only a tribute show celebrating the life of Michael Jackson but to include elements that had been planned for months.  All eyes were on BET last night and whether they screwed up or not, I appreciate the effort.  It’s easy for us (fans) to criticize what was done, when we had no input nor did we know what obstacles they faced when trying to do The King Of Pop justice.   Now that I got that out the way.  Like everyone else in the world, I followed twitter while watching the BET award show and all of my twitter friends had me completely entertained the entire four hours……yes four hours.  In the world that us frequent Twitterers call twitterverse the concensus was an unsatisfactorily one.  Many wondered if they had missed the tribute?  To be fair, production wise it would be difficult to reformat an entire show three days before it aired during a live taping.  The best thing for the BET execs and producers to have done (which I know they did) was to pray and remain positive knowing that what will go wrong probably did go wrong but I know that they did the best that they could’ve done.  As a viewer who prefers giving constructive criticism as opposed to talking mess, I think they should’ve stuck to the original show and planned a separate MJ tribute…..but that’s just my opinion.  Overall, BET should be proud of themselves, not because the tribute was a hit among fans but because they did what they felt was right and at the end of the four hour show, that’s all you can ask for.