the jacksonsIf you have a brother or sister your heart went out to Janet Jackson last night on the  BET awards. Well I have two brothers so not only did my heart ache but my eyes filled with tears as my thoughts of Michael morphed to the mere thought of losing one of my brothers.  I don’t know how she feels or what she is going through because I am blessed to still have both of my brothers but as I sit here and type this tears are beginning to fall from my eyes all over again.  The love that a sibling has for one  another is unparalleled to any relationship that you will ever experience.  As you transition from childhood to young adults no one can truly understand your journey better than a sibling.  Your sibling is your everything….protector, advisior, mentor and best friend.  A sibling is the only person that you can argue with or physically fight and two minutes later hug and laugh with one another.  Not to sound insensitive but we’ve come to terms that our parents will go before us but not your siblings. You expect to grow old with them and revisit those childhood memories for a lifetime.   I have so much respect and admiration for the amount of strength that Janet Jackson displayed.  If I ever had to discuss the passing of either of my brothers just days later, I honestly don’t know if I would be able to contain myself.  Janet said it best, “To you Michael was an icon, to us he was family”.