A 96-page glossy-format commemorative edition titled “Michael Jackson: King of Pop” ($6.99) is available for sale on newsstands now. Loaded with nearly 100 full-color images, this photo-driven publication opens with remembrance of Michael Jackson from USA TODAY and includes articles on his death and legacy from other newspapers around the country. The glossy-format commemorative edition offers a look at Michael Jackson’s life in the public eye and is full of remembrances and quotes about Michael Jackson from other icons of music, film, and culture. Readers and members of USATODAY.com also share the impact his life and music had on them.

A smaller 40 page special edition titled “Michael 1958-2009” ($4.95) is available on newsstands Tuesday, June 30 to July 27. Featuring USA TODAY’s authoritative voice, distinctive design and packaging, this special edition provides the most up-to-the-minute reporting by the Life section’s reporting staff and music critics, including highlights from the Sunday, June 28, tribute to Michael Jackson from the 2009 BET Awards. An essential collector’s item on the King of Pop’s life and legacy, this special tribute special edition looks at why Michael Jackson mattered so much in pop culture and celebrates his impact on the worlds of music, fashion and dance. USA TODAY’s Life section tracks his musical trajectory from the early days as a member of the Jackson Five to breakout performances like “Thriller” and “Billie Jean.” The special edition looks at his impact on music videos, from his “moonwalk” dance to elaborate morphing of multi-cultural faces in “Black or White.” The special edition also offers a commemorative poster for readers to keep as a tribute to the legacy of Michael Jackson.

Additional Michael Jackson related content can be found at life.usatoday.com and a six-part tribute video called “Michael Jackson: A video tribute to the King of Pop,” is available at mj.usatoday.com.