655056_356x237I had this whole post planned out.

I was going talk about three songs performed by Michael and the Jackson 5 that became huge hits for other artists.   It’s so obvious that the brothers from Gary, Indiana had a huge impact on musical direction of many of the artists we listen to today.

The first song I planned on talking about was All I Do originally by the Jacksons which became a hit for 80’s group Troop and later for B5, a group of brothers introduced to us by Sean Combs.  I could be wrong but I even think the group was named B5 to pay homage to the Jackson 5.

Next is the short but sweet Who’s Loving You. This song wasn’t entirely remade into a single but instead recycled as an intro for En Vogue’s megahit, Hold On.

The last single that I planned to cover was I’ll Be There, which birthed an emotional cover by Mariah Carey.

While compiling video footage for this piece, I ran across this video of Michael Jackson singing I’ll Be There accompanied by rare footage of he and his family and I was immediately brought to tears.  So instead of posting the audio of the songs that I mentioned above, I decided to just post this video because let’s face it……Michael Jackson is/was in a league of his own and his career is worthy of being celebrated every chance we get.