bet awardsMany of us who tuned into the BET awards just wasn’t feeling what some believe was an embarrassment of a show.  As I’ve previously stated, the network could’ve done better but I’m sure they were faced with many obstacles.  Despite the overall disapproval of the award show, tribute or whatever it was, BET broke records the night that it originally aired.  On Sunday June 28th, the BET awards show had 10.65 million viewers making it the #1 telecast on Cable television this year so far.  Not bad for a network that no one is happy with.  But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we all know that announcing that there will be a Michael Jackson tribute contributed to this large number of viewers.  Considering fans did not approve of the way the tribute portion was executed, makes me wonder if this broken record will be a curse and not a gift.  Hopefully this positive doesn’t work against them and they are able to recover gracefully.