maxwell1The year was 1998, three men were on heavy rotation in my tapedeck. I had it so bad for Maxwell, Joe and Chico Debarge that you would think that they were the only artists I listened to.  Maxwell was my neo-soul afro wearing free spirit, Joe was my chocolate drop and Chico was the one whose videos I stayed up at night to watch before going to sleep.  Fast forward 11 years and as a grown woman all three of  these guys do something for me. While Maxwell no longer has the fro, I’m still looking forward to BLACKsummer’s Night, his first release in years.  Joe & Chico’s newest releases are anticipated by me as well.  With these guys bringing great music to  our ears as well as other artists such as Kristina Debarge releasing her debut album, this will definitely be a hot and steamy July with alot of cool moments.