ledisi album coverWhen Rhythmic Soul supports an artist, we really support that artist. This summer is filled with soulful releases from artists that “Get It”. An artist who get’s it stays true to themselves and delivers great song after song after song with their listener in mind. One artist who “get’s it” is New Orleans native Ledisi. My introduction to this rare and talented songstress came from an Earth, Wind & Fire tribute album. She sang a rendition of their song ‘Devotion’ and by the end of the song I found myself scatting with her on search for the closest church in sight. It was just that powerful! After hearing that song, I was hooked! My research then began as I went searching for anything and everything by her. Little did I know, she had just released her third album (Lost & Found) so I immediately went looking for that. Since the great artists don’t get the recognition they so often deserve….Best Buy, Circuit City & Target didn‘t have it. The album was released on August 27, 2007 and Best Buy didn’t have it in stock until October.

*Side note* that has to change.

Of course I eventually got my copy and because I lost it I ended up buying it again. I support any artist that I like more than once if I have to. Now as she gears up to release her newest album ‘Turn Me Loose’, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely excited about the release of this album. This is probably my most anticipated album of the year and if you know anything about that good, soulful, heartfelt music….you would be anticipating it as well.

Now that you truly understand how much I love this woman’s music, you can come close to understanding how excited I was to see the album cover revealed on twitter. Remember when you were a child and you got excited about Christmas once Thanksgiving came because you knew it wasn’t far behind? Well that’s how I felt. With the album cover released, it’s only a matter of time before Ledisi hits us with our soulful fix. Until August 18th, we’ll just have to wait but in the meantime head over to her website (www.ledisi.com) and listen to snippets of some of the gems that will appear her album.

Share your thoughts with us and tell us what you think of this album so far. If you have never heard of her, let us know and we may have a special treat for you.