In Theaters July 10th

soulpowerIn 1974 the boxing world had the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ while the music world feasted on the music of James Brown, BB King, Bill Withers, Celia Cruz and others. WHEN WE WERE KINGS. SOUL POWER is a documentary about this legendary music festival (dubbed “Zaire ‘74”), and allows the viewers the chance to experience the performances 35 years later. Anyone returning to their African roots would be inspired and this was definitely the case for these talented musicians who at the height of their careers felt it was necessary to use their talents and enthusiasm by giving their fans a concert that they would never forget. Footage was previously released but did not go into detail the way ‘Soul Power’ has. The “outtakes” which have been withheld for the last 34 years are what makes this film possible allowing a whole new generation to experience ‘Soul Power‘.