womentalkingYou know what to do. You know how to do it. You even give people unwanted advice, but for some reason you have yet to recycle your words of wisdom and use them for yourself. There is nothing wrong with taking your own advice from time to time and I’m sure people would understand your need to be a bit selfish. It is okay if you to reserve that logical feedback that you give so many people and use those words to solve your problems, but obviously you’re in a giving mood. I get it, really I do but what I don’t get is the constant excuses you give explaining why you don’t use your own words to assist you in life’s daily struggles. I know it’s easier said than done, this being the reason that you can so effortlessly dish it out. You must know that after a while, those who come to you for those words of wisdom will realize your secret…..that you’re a fraud. While you’re trying to save everyone else from making a dreadful mistake they will later regret, whose saving you. If you’re not taking your own advice, then who is there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to talk to? In no way am I saying abandon the good Samaritan in you but take time out for yourself, because if you can’t help yourself, how can you be there for others.