joesignatureIf it’s not broke, don’t fix it is definitely the proper quote to use when describing Joe’s new album, Signature.  Signature, Joe’s 8th album comes out tomorrow July 14th.  Joe’s extensive background in gospel music has allowed him to produce his albums as well as sing on them. By changing labels and going to Kedar Entertainment, Joe returns to his roots by producing and writing all material on Signature.  Complete with mid tempo ballads, this R & B staple sticks to the formula that originally won over fans with his second album in 1997 All That I Am. 
This Grammy nominated artist has released some memorable hits over ther years.  With standout songs like Majic, Friends Don’t Let Friends, Miss My Baby and Sensitive Lover he is on his way to adding more hits to his long list.


Sex Girl
Very Special Friend
Friends Don’t Let Friends
Worst Case Scenario
Wanna Be Your Lover
Miss My Baby
Come Get To This
Love’s Greatest Episode
Sensitive Lover
Change (Bonus Track)