purple rainOn this very day 25 years ago, a movie starring a certain entertainer with royalty status hit theaters. Purple Rain was directed by Albert Magnoli and written by Magnoli and William Blinn. Prince stars in this movie, which was developed to showcase his particular talents. The movie idea was developed by Prince during his “Triple Threat” tour. Initially the script was supposed to be darker.(As if that was possible)
Let me refresh your memories of the plot of this urban classic musical film. “The Kid” (Prince) is an aspiring and talented, but troubled Minneapolis musician with a difficult home life. He meets a singer named Apollonia (Apollonia Kotero), and they become involved in an untidy romance. The plot centers on Prince trying not to repeat the pattern of his abusive alcoholic father, played by Clarence Williams III (famous at the time for his role as Lincoln Hayes on The Mod Squad), and keep his band, The Revolution, and his relationship with Apollonia, together. His main antagonist is fellow musician Morris Day and his group The Time.

Little Unknown Fact
Prince intended to cast Vanity, leader of the girl group Vanity 6,but she left the group before filming began. Her role was initially offered to Jennifer Beals (who turned it down because she wanted to concentrate on college) before going to Apollonia Kotero, a virtual unknown at the time.