hbcugameNormally we don’t talk about video games on Rhythmic Soul.  It’s not that we don’t like them, it’s just that we don’t get them.  Until I get my Nintendo Wii that I was promised last Christmas, I doubt if I will ever be extremely enthusiastic about video games, PS3 or XBox 360 (unless you count my Guitar Hero obsession).  However I come to you with good news today and yes it is video game related. 

Set to hit your local Gamestop on August 24th is the first ever Black College Football Game made for Xbox 360.  With 36 HBCU’s, video game players can play in games such as the Bayou Classic, the Labor Day Classic and others.  Expect to receive the same realistic feel of any other video game.  In an effort to add that HBCU flair, players even sway back and forth during the half-time show. 

I’m extremely satisfied because this gives young men and boys who have no idea of what the HBCU football experience is like, a glimpse into a rich history on a level that they understand. I love it!!!