hal lintonWhen I first heard that BET was honoring artists in their ‘Rising Icons’ Special, I was excited for the network and saw this as an opportunity to redeem themselves following the BET awards. And then I saw the list of honorees.  Nothing against Chrisette Michele, Keri Hilson, Ryan Leslie or the Dream but I don’t really consider everyone on this elite list a ‘Rising Icon’.  The four names that I mentioned previously may not be “Superstars” but they are definitely not rising.  They have been at it for a minute and I believe someone who has yet to release an album should be considered a ‘Rising Icon’.  That’s just my opinion.

As probably the only artist on BET’s series ‘Rising Icons’ that I’m not familiar with, I can honestly say that I am very impressed so far with Hal Linton.  This Barbados native was honored on the BET special that takes a look at life of a rising artist on the road and at home, giving the viewers a glimpse into each artist’s journey to stardom.  Although Hal Linton’s episode aired on August 3rd, I’m pretty sure BET will air it again.  You know I’m right.  In the meantime take a look at this clip of him performing at VIBE VSessions.