audiblemainframeThe Boston, MA based six piece hip hop band known as Audible Mainframe has recently released their third album, Transients.

With a combination of bass, piano and guitar that catches your attention instantly the rest of the album keeps you intrigued, and eagerly anticipating what’s next. If you’re looking for a funk-hop group (hip hop with a rock, funk and soul influence), then Audible Mainframe is that and more.

Old school musical influences are present as they effortlessly merge old school hip hop, funk, disco, soul, jazz and rock for a what I consider a hip-hop masterpiece. At times their lyrical delivery conveys a sense of urgency, which works well on songs like ‘Don’t Be Sheep’ which has the makings of an instant weekend party anthem.

With passionate instrumentals and rhymes full of crescendos, at times you feel like you’re listening to the soundtrack of a movie. Transients connects with music lovers and offers a unique backdrop to thought provoking, raw and on point lyrics.

Where other Rock/Hip Hop bands lack by sounding repetitive, AMF is able to keep their sound fresh on each track. With a sound that reminds you of Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Radiohead and other hip hop artists who have strong instrumental influences, Audible Mainframe is hip hop in it’s purist form.  Make sure you check out their website,

 Check out this rare footage of them at a photo shoot with their single “Anybody Else” playing in the background.