jayzIf you think artists (rappers in particular) are supposed to stay in a box their entire career, you’re one of two things; delusional or really delusional. No one, and I mean no one stays the same. Even Peter Pan eventually grew up. Do you talk about the same things you talked about ten years ago? If your answer is yes, then I advise you to seek help immediately. Unless, you have a major stunt in your growth, growing up can not be avoided, nor should you want it to be. Getting older isn’t always a bad thing, it has many advantages. For example, you can change your mind. You know that bonehead comment you made about the world being flat, as you mature you reserve the right to change your mind. You can also blame some of your childlike antics on being young. As you see growing up rocks for me, you and Jay-Z.

Recently Hova himself released his umpteenth album to what many consider mixed reviews. People either hate it or love it or they think it’s just okay yet they still understand what he was trying to accomplish. When speaking to people who like this album “The Blueprint 3”, many say the album has a more mature sound which is something that I can appreciate. Let’s be real……an album should reflect who the artist is as a person so if the artist is a grown man then he should make grown man music……PERIOD!

As for all these people saying he’s not the same or he’s changed, my reply is “no stuff“. Why wouldn’t he change his delivery or even his subject matter. If he started rapping about living in the Marcy Projects, people would say he’s trying to be something he’s not.

People are so difficult to please.

Artists are criticized for everything they do. Any ounce of creativity displayed is frowned upon by fans and to me that is completely unfair and a clear indication of how simple humans can be at times.

If your favorite artist isn’t pleasing your eardrums, then don’t support them. But if your reason for not supporting or not liking their newest release is because, “they’re not the same artist anymore”, then say that statement aloud and hear how stupid you sound.