All are words that describes every song that my ears have been lucky enough to hear from Kentucky based group Nappy Roots since making their impact on the world of hip hop “commercially“ in 2002. ‘Imma Be Alright’, their first single off their 4th album, The Pursuit of Nappyness is no different. Listeners are immediately greeted by a soulful organ as group members take turns delivering their blend of truth and substance that fans of Nappy Roots have come to love and appreciate over the years. This song is more than just catchy lyrics and a radio friendly beat. It’s filled with messages that anyone and everyone can take with them through life. Their socially on point tone is brought to life with an equally feel good beat produced by Je’Kob Washington. It’s very seldom that artists can inspire, spit the truth, make you feel good and make you dance but Nappy Roots manages to do that and then some. As a female, who loves hip hop just as much as the next man, I put ‘Imma Be Alright’ at the top of my list as a great feel good song.

Great Job Fellas!

Don’t Believe Me……Listen For Yourself