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kid-cudiWith over 100,000 albums sold his first week, Kid Cudi isn’t quite as popular as Lil’ Wayne or even Eminem but is definitely mentioned in conversations along side Kanye West and Common. While having your name and Mr. West’s name in the same conversation isn’t the best thing right now, he still managed to do pretty well with album sales. I’ve been a fan of Kid Cudi’s for a while so seeing him outsell Drake who is on Lil’ Wayne’s young Money label was great. I’ll admit I can be a hater at times because if the masses support an artist too hard I start to question why people are riding them and any enjoyment I get from listening to this artist becomes sheer annoyance. I can’t help it! I don’t know why I’m that way. Even with the 2Pac and Biggie debate, I got so tired of people swinging from 2Pac’s coattails, I instantly became a fan of Biggie’s and never gave Pac a chance.

Back to Kid Cudi. Yes, his voice can be a bit monotone. Yes, his twitter persona is a bit off. Yes, he is aligned with the countries most known jack ass but he’s got skills. From the 1st single, “Day N Night” to his 2nd single, “Make Her Say”, I’ve been extremely impressed with everything this Ohio native has released and the fact that he’s from Ohio….Ohio of all places, makes me like him even more. You mean a hip hopper/rapper (or whatever box you want to put him in) has arrived and he’s not claiming New York or Atlanta. That within itself is a reason to rejoice!!!

If you haven’t gotten Kid Cudi’s, Man On the Moon: The End Of Day, make sure you
get it.