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affioncrockettSometimes you have to laugh at life and there’s nothing better than a parody starring a comedian poking fun at some of your favorite artists.
Affion Crockett, who is a comedic genius and impressionist portrays Kanye and Jay-Z in the video, as well as Chris Brown.  Today the enormous viral Youtube video, directed by Michael Tiddes, went from Crockett’s Youtube subscribers, to Facebook users, to Twitter links, onto thousands of blog sites!  It even garnered Chris Brown himself to retweet the link of the video by saying “Affion Crockett.. my big homie,” in humor of course.  With all the media attention and celebrities talking about it, including Perez Hilton’s tweet titled “Hunt Chris Brown,” it has definitely supported that there is a need and space to put sketch comedic parody back on the map.
As the comedic break out star on MTV’s Wild’n Out and Short Circuitz with Nick Cannon, both shows delivering spoofs and comedic improvisational battles. Affion never fails to deliver, so don’t be surprised if another video comes out next week. For more videos, please visit Affion’s Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/affioncrockett