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Stop, check it out my man
This is the music of a hip-hop band
Jazz, well you can call it that
But this jazz retains a new format

originalhiphopbandNo disrespect, but before there was The Roots or any other hip hop group that infuses band elements into their performance, there was Stetsasonic. Formed in 1981 in Brooklyn, NY, they were trailblazers by being one of the first hip hop bands to infuse a live bands during their performance adding jazz elements to their music.
Originally, the group was known as the Stetson Brothers, after Stetson Hats, but it changed its name to Stetsasonic for its debut, On Fire (1986, 1986 in music). It was their second album In Full Gear which produced their most successful single, Talkin’ All That Jazz (I still recite the lyrics to this day).
They eventually broke up soon after the release of Blood, Sweat & No Tears but by lending their skills to help in the careers of others (Mary J. Blige, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others), they have a place in hip hop history.
They recently released Stetsasonic: The Original Hip-Hop Band Mixtape. Complete with 21 tracks, it takes you back to a time when hip hop was pure.