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tylerperrvsspikeleeI normally don’t get involved with entertainment debates because it’s just not worth it but here’s my two cents.

If I wanted to debate in favor of Spike Lee’s statement, certain people make it very hard for me to want to align myself with them. The fact that we’re divided on a issue of the way a man chooses to express himself creatively is a shame within itself.
But I find it hard to agree with anything coming out of the mouth of Spike Lee supporters because of the tone and disdain that is attached to their words. A common theme that I’ve seen among those “standing up” for Spike Lee’s statement is them putting down the mindsets of those who happen to enjoy watching Tyler Perry’s movies. Enjoying Tyler Perry does not make me less “Black” than the next person. Hell, I have a natural. Does that make me more black than someone sporting a weave? No, So get over yourselves!
Agreeing with Spike Lee does not make you more educated, more conscious or more intelligent than the person who could care less about what either man is doing and/or saying. I do think it’s interesting that I have yet to hear a person in support of Tyler Perry put down one person who is in support of Spike Lee because unlike Spike they refuse to resort to name calling.
I compare this whole debate to the way people feel about the music of the next generation. Have you ever noticed that people who love old school hip hop fail to see the value of the music of today. I’m guilty of this but so I completely understand that. Each generation thinks their generation is better than the next. It never fails. My dad thought his generation was better than mine and I will probably feel the same way about my son’s generation. A little generational superiority never hurt anybody.
However, when you start talking about the people who support or are entertained by things you don’t care for, that’s when we have a problem. You are entitled to your opinion but questioning one’s mental capacity because they like a movie that none of us are making a dime on is taking it too far.

This post is not intended to choose sides just to merely make it known that putting people down who don’t agree with you is not cool. Please feel free to comment.