This weekend was pretty cool. Saturday I helped out and attended a friends Partylite party. Thanks to Partylite, I’ve finished over half of my Christmas shopping. I won’t say what I got but let’s just say I cleaned up. For real.

Despite saving hundreds of dollars by getting stuff on sale, that was not the highlight of my weekend. While in Vernesia’s car (my friend), she kept playing this song over and over again. Since I’m not one to hate on someone putting a song on repeat, I listened to without asking her to play another song. In fact, I encouraged her to put it on repeat. Next thing I know, I’m singing along and I am falling in love with this song. What’s the name, you ask? The song was “Love You” by Maxwell.

I’ve had Maxwell’s album for a while now and although I put all of my music in rotation on iTunes, nothing has made get the warm fuzzies lately….until now. When I tell you that I fell hard for this song, I’m being modest. It reminds me of a song on one of his previous albums and that is a good thing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he sings this at the Grammy’s but if he doesn’t, that’s their loss because I have it on repeat. And the lyrics….let’s not forget the lyrics:

“I can be anything you want me to be
I just wanna love you
Show you exactly what you mean to me
Honey let me love you”

I’ll let you hear for yourself. If you’ve heard it before, listen again. If this is your first time listening to it, tell me what you think.