I’ve watched Trey Songz new video “I Invented Sex” and I do not like it all.  I even tried to watch the video a couple of times to see if my opinion was capable of being changed but Nope…….not happening.  I feel like the video was not only irresponsible but wasn’t thought out either.

Here you have Trey who takes what appears to be his girlfriend to his place for a one on one session between the sheets. At about 2:19 am, she enters his freight elevator, goes up to his place and that’s when the magic happens.  According to Trey, he plans to put it on his love interest so good that she would swear he invented sex.  The video shows them biting lips, kissing each other and playfully seducing one another.  Who wouldn’t want that?

At the end of the song, the video transitions into a part two and starts to play his song “Make Em Say Ahh”.  It shows the first meeting of he and his love interest which took place at 12:03 am (about two hours before heading to his place). So this wasn’t his girlfriend at all.  This chick was nothing more than someone he was eyeing at the club.  Within two hours of meeting her, he is about to stab.  How do I know it was the same night you ask?  Because they have the same clothes on. Duh!!

I understand that Trey is a grown man and a one night stand is nothing more than a one night stand.  He’s an entertainer so when making videos, social issues, world or national news may not come to mind but my problem with Trey’s latest video is that it’s glorifying one night stands to his fanbase.  While some of his fans are grown, many of his fans are not.

I’ve heard of many girls who (thinking it was okay) left with a guy they met at a club and never made it home because the guy harmed them.  I would hate for a girl to go home with a guy looking for that “Trey Songz” experience and end up in a compromising situation.

Why couldn’t Trey and his love interest be newlyweds who just got married and about to have sex for the first time after jumping the broom?  While that may not have gone over well with many of his fans who lust after him, I would’ve respected that video much more.

I just wish some performers would be accountable for the songs and video they release.  I know it’s not their jobs to raise peoples children but for some messed up reason our youth admires and looks up to these people.  With that in mind, all I ask is that they set a better example.

P.S. I like most of his music, I just don’t like the direction of this video.