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When this song and video came out, my life was simple.  I was young and had not experienced enough to fully understand the powerful meaning in the lyrics or the church like delivery.  I know I liked what I heard but at the time I didn’t feel it like I do now. 

Fast forward about 16 years…….

I have friends and family members that have come and gone out of my life for various reasons and I’m in a very reflective place.  I don’t reflect out of regret but because I enjoy remembering the good times shared and cherish memories of those I hold close to my heart. 

I think of the friendships that I’ve formed over the years and often realize that we get so wrapped up in living our own lives that we neglect to tell those we care about, how we truly feel.  For some of us words flow effortlessly but for others, a song is all we need to convey the message that resonates within us.

Today’s Flashback Friday is dedicated to everyone in my life.  It is dedicated to my readers,your friends and their friends.   Happy weekend!