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I don’t know about you but at times I doubt myself and what I am capable of doing.  To say, “I believe in myself” doesn’t come easy at times.  I often let the what if’s fill my head and this keeps me from being the best me.   I’m not sure if it’s a lack of confidence or me being humble but whatever it is, it needs to change.

The Winner In Me from Coko (formally of SWV) is her lead single off of her most recent album by the same title.  It speaks on something that many of us are too familiar with, not realizing that we are winners.  We often allow the stresses of life to consume us and we give up but  because we have Jesus on our side giving up is not the answer.    With Jesus in our corner, anything is possible so self-doubt is not an option.

The message is clear, The winner in you is Jesus and with him guiding your team be prepared to be victorious!