The often criticized but very popular reality singing competition manages to produce “superstars” year after year.  Some eventually rise to their full potential while others either simmer once they reach their boiling point or never quite take off the way so many thought they would.  Nonetheless, each season there is at least one contestant  (maybe two) that pulls you in when you least expect it.  This season, there are two contestants that I would support by running out and buying their albums if they happened to release one.  It’s not that the rest of the contestants aren’t talented because let’s face it, I’ve never seen this much originality on an American Idol stage in one season.  Most of these contestants are guitar carrying, eclectic clothes wearing originals and I love it!

Back to my point…….

If Michael Lynche put out an album tomorrow, I can’t guarantee that i would go out and get it immediately but I would probably buy it a week or two later.  I’ll admit, when I first heard the “Buff Teddybear” and witnessed him performing, I agreed with a comment Simon made early on regarding Mike being “a bit corny”.  I still think he’s corny but that does not take away from his stage presence nor does that erase the fact that he can sing.

The other contestant who is capable of receiving my sometimes hardly earned money is Crystal Bowersox or “Mamasox” as her fellow contestants affectionately calls her.  If you are not an American Idol fan, then Crystal gives you a reason to tune in.  Everything she does is organic, as if she’s channeling mother earth when she’s on stage.  From going barefoot to using instruments that even the most accomplished musician has never heard of, there is something uniquely refreshing about this artist.

She’s so good that I would pre-order her album on iTunes…..that’s pretty darn good.

There you have it! My favorite American Idol contestants this season.  I hope they lose…I really do.  It’s not that they aren’t good enough to win the whole thing but if Idol history repeats itself, they have a better chance at experiencing a flourishing career without any association of American Idol.  With the exception of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and maybe Jordin Sparks, you know I’m right.

I want the best for them like Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson or Chris Daughtry.  So it’s important that they lose so they can entertain us in the years to come.

But back to Crystal.  That girl is great!  If you don’t believe me, then check her out yourself.