I owe all of you an apology.  When I started Rhythmic Soul I vowed to be a constant source of music news, entertainment news as well as a resource for people who listen to a variety of music.  With time comes life and with life comes things you can’t control. 

Unfortunately, my desire to contribute to Rhythmic Soul is often overshadowed by the other things I take on and as a result, Rhythmic Soul may go unattended for days.  I promise….I mean no harm. 

Going forward I will try my best to post on a regular basis.  But I need your help.  Since starting Rhythmic Soul, I’ve posted about Hip Hop artists, R & B artists, album reviews, concert dates, Exclusive interviews and editorial articles. I want to know what you like about Rhythmic Soul. I’ve attached a poll so please answer honestly as I give you the very best from Rhythmic Soul.  In the meantime enjoy one of my favorite instrumentals from rapper Scarface.