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As a lover of all things music, this past week would leave many music lovers envious.  My musically charged week started off on Tuesday when I went to St. Andrew’s Hall to see Nappy Roots and others as the performed during Bizarre’s  (of D12) album release party.  Saturday night was THE night as I was one of the lucky one’s to see not one, but two of the greatest Soul singers of my generation; Jill Scott & Maxwell.

About a year ago I interviewed Nappy Roots so when I found out they were performing in Detroit I had to go.  Keep in mind that the last time I went to St. Andrew’s Hall was when Ronald Reagan was president but that didn’t stop me from going and supporting them. To sweeten the deal, this Kentucky based group gave away free copies of their recent mixtape Nappy University. Their energy turned the non Nappy believers into fans while the rest of the crowd received an instant surge of energy as the beat to  ‘Aww Naw’ dropped. If they’re in your town, I say check them out. You may even hear a snippet from their newest album, Pursuit of Nappyness which drops on June 15th.


Saturday night it was all about Jill Scott and Maxwell. I must confess, my anticipation had dwindled because of some personal problems I’m going through.  It wasn’t until we (Tera & myself) were on I-75 on our way to the Palace of Auburn Hills did I say to myself…”You are going to see Jill & Maxwell, you better get excited!” So excited is what I got.

When we arrived, we were on time but according to CP time, we were way to early.  Being me, I found a way to get escorted to the suite area and chillax where there hang while waiting for events to start.   We stopped and had a few drinks while acting as if we were important and then we proceeded to our seats.  A part of my plan allows me to go backstage in hopes of doing a little stargazing, sometimes it works….most times it don’t. This time was no different, it didn’t work.  I did however, get to see Maxwell’s stage setup so I guess that was good enough.

When we entered the arena I looked up and waved to all the people I usually sat near and thought, “sorry homies, this time I’m on the floor”.  Tera and I were lucky enough to score floor seats…..Section B, Row 17.  We were smack dab in the middle of everything.

First up was comedian Guy Torry.  He was funny.  He talked about Delonte West dating Lebron James’ momma.  He told us to feed Tayshawn Prince and Rip Hamilton and he let the men know that women controlled everything.

Then Miss Jill Scott came out.  She dressed like an extra in Austin Powers: GoldMember with  her gold liquid leggings and a gold knee-length dress/tunic that made sure we saw how bright she was.  My favorite was her hair. As a natural haired diva, I love seeing women and men rocking kinky hair with confidence. 

Jill started out with ‘Real Thing’ which was on her last album.  If you don’t own it, shame on you.  If you do own it and haven’t heard it, give that album to someone who can appreciate real music.  I was in awe because I felt like I was the only one singing with Jill during ‘Real Thing’.  I was offended for her.  How dare you go to a Jill Scott concert and not know those words.  Jill is the ‘Real Thing’!  She even cracked on that girl who sings that song “It’s So Cold In The D”.  She has no clue of  how infamously famous she is.

She went on to sing a number of songs from her previous albums but became emotional toward the end.  She sang ‘He Loves Me (Lyzel in E flat)’ but made sure she let us know that she was doing it for us, not because she wanted to.  She also sang a new song, ‘Thank You’ that was simply beautiful.  To say that I really enjoyed her performance is the biggest understatement of the century.

Next up was Mr. Max (to the) Well. I had no idea that Maxwell had that type of effect on the crowd.  I know the minds of some women escaped to a fantasy land because his mere presence evoked a sense of sexuality. 

His backdrops on stage were so on point as they related to each of his songs and had a purpose.  He sang the majority of the songs from his most recent album which isn’t hard considering the album only has 9 damn songs (but I still love it!) In addition to his newer songs, he sang ‘Sumthin Sumthin’, ‘Fortunate’ and others.

Women threw flowers on stage as they screamed like their lives were in danger.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he got panties tossed his way but refused to pick them up. 

His band was sooooo on point. Compared to Jill’s band, they were a bit loud but after while your eardrum adjusted……at least mine did.  Speaking of Jill, after she performed, she came into the audience and Maxwell was so humbled to see her that he sang to her specifically.  Let’s not forget, he asked if he could be our (his fans) baby daddy.  My literal self thought, “No, but we can be friends”. 

As I before stated, this week was great! To top it off, I attended the baby shower of my new and first nephew, CJ.  So I got to hear great music and be around family and friends.  You can’t tell me that I’m not blessed.