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The thing that I like most about reality television is that despite the viewing public constantly criticizing the actions of our beloved reality television stars, there is always one situation that many watchers can relate to.

If you know anything about me, then you are well aware that I am a dedicated watcher of ‘Love & Hip Hop’. Every Tuesday I tune into this show that airs on VH1 to see what Chrissy, Emily, Olivia and the girls are up to. Say what you will about this show, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s entertaining and that people love it. In fact, the Season 2 premiere came in with the highest ratings in 2 years in VH1 history with 2.566 million viewers for a premiere episode. I doubt if Fab or Jim Jones could pull numbers like that.

But I digress…..

Typically, reality television stars are known for some of their poor decisions. To be fair, the producers are partly responsible for the way they appear at times.  We all know that the producers play a role in placing these people in compromising situations.  However, the relationship being discussed today has nothing to do with the producers, this is a real life situation that many women can relate to.

One of the hip hop artists putting his life on display is rapper Jim Jones. During season 1, his longtime girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin proposed to him.  Although he has yet to make her proposal official by giving her a ring, returning the gesture by proposing to her or setting a date, he recently went out and purchased a new car.  The money that he spent on the car could’ve been spent on Chrissy’s engagement ring so I understand why Chrissy is a bit perturbed by his recent splurge.  To be honest, it looks as if Jim really isn’t ready to walk down the aisle and why should he? He has all the benefits of a wife (cooking, cleaning, assisting with business ventures) without the ring or any paperwork.

During last night’s episode, Chrissy told her aunt that she didn’t want to marry someone who doesn’t want to marry her. Up until that moment, I was on the fence about Chrissy. From the very beginning, I questioned the bravado she displays and I often wonder why she feels the need to puff her chest in certain situations but after last night’s episode I feel Chrissy’s pain.

As a recently divorced woman, during my relationship I often felt as if I was giving more of myself and working harder in my relationship than my mate was so I definitely understand where Chrissy was coming from last night and why she was so frustrated.

To all of the Chrissy’s of the world I say this:

Although your love for the man you’re with hasn’t altered nor has it diminished; do what you have to do. You are a trip and your temper is out of this world, but you’re one smart sister. Use those God given talents, step out of that man’s shadow and make things happen in your favor. Most of all, take care of yourself first and then take care of those around you. If you aren’t relaxed and happy you can’t possibly put on your game face. If you need to walk away for a moment, do so. Those who truly support and care for you will understand and does who don’t can kick rocks.