Singer/songwriter Ledisi has paid her dues. Known for her jazz influenced vocals, she released her first album in 2000 entitled Soulsinger: The Revival. After releasing her first album she generated a local buzz but 2007s Lost & Found put her in the spotlight where she belongs.

With a new album, a headlining tour and three 2012 Grammy nominations (Best R & B Performance, Song and Album) on her list of accomplishments, Ledisi is staying true to the meaning of her name which is “To bring forth” because regardless of what project she’s working on, she delivers.

First I want to talk about your most recent album, Pieces Of Me. Can you tell me what inspired the title?

The title came from the song. The song celebrates the kind of woman I am. I am various things; sensual, vulnerable, sexy and complex like every woman. It describes all of these different sides of me that people haven’t seen before. That’s where it all comes from. Celebrating being a woman.

My favorite song on the album is the song Bravo. Do you have a personal favorite?

Not really, but Pieces of Me resonates the most because it’s very personable.

How do you decide which songs to release as singles?

I don’t. I want to stay the artist.LOL!

I let the radio people, marketing, the label and my management do that. I don’t do any of that. I create the music and make sure they can pick any song as the single. I’m not the radio girl. I just make sure I have a good song they can choose from. All of them are my babies. I didn’t think Alright should have been a single and it was and it blew up so now on I stay out of it.

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